The Church of Our Holy Saviour, Labuan

Anglican Diocese of Sabah

The COHS History

The existence of Church of Our Holy Saviour began in 1838, when James Brooke (1803 – 1868) headed a private expedition to Borneo to help suppress a revolt. Brooke became the first Governor of Labuan in 18th December 1846 when a treaty was signed with the Sultan of Brunei.

Letters of Patent were issued on 6th June 1855, erecting the “island of Labuan and its Dependencies into a Bishop’s See or Diocese to be styled the Bishopric of Labuan.” Rev. McDougall, who led the first group of missionaries from England to Borneo, was nominated as the first Bishop of Labuan. On 18th December 1866, He consecrated under the name of “St. Saviour’s Church”, a church which had been erected at Labuan the previous two years under Rev. Moreton.


In 1889, Rev W.H. Elton was the Rector-in-charged for the Labuan church. Being based in Sandakan, Rev. Elton visited Labuan every quarterly up to 1899, when the Bishop made arrangements for the Rev. Fred Perry (Missionary for Keningau) to visit Labuan six times a year. Lay services were held by Mr H St. John Hughes on the other Sundays. The Labuan Mission had two centres, one at Victoria Harbour, where European Christians predominate and the other at Coal Point (the other side of the Island), where the Chinese Christians have built themselves a little church, and are ministered by Chinese catechists. ...more


Vision Statement

To be
a Spirit-filled Cell Church extending
God's Kingdom
in Labuan and beyond through
Edification & Evangelism