The Church of Our Holy Saviour, Labuan
Anglican Diocese of Sabah


  Message from Pastor-in-Charge, Ps. Sim Shiu Kee

We thank God for the trilingual Ash Wednesday Worship Service. We shared about ‘The Relationship between Ash Wednesday and I.’ When we hear the word ‘ash’ in the Bible, it speaks about ‘humility, death, fasting and suffering’. When we repent of our sins to God, we put ashes on our head as a sign of repentance and grief (today we sign the cross on our forehead). In fact, ashes remind us the sufferings and death, and we will be ashes one day when we return to dust. God in His grace give us opportunity to repent and He forgives our sins.  Ash Wednesday is the beginning of Lent. Besides the Lord’s Day (Sundays), it is 40 days to Easter. These 40 days also reminds that Jesus fasted and prayed for 40 days in the wilderness. He was tempted by the devil. But He overcame all temptations for us. He was also filled by the Holy Spirit and power as He went preaching the Good News. His name was known throughout the country, He taught in the synagogues and many praised Him.

In the Bible we see great men and women of God fasted, prayed and repented before God. They received forgiveness and their lives were renewed. Just like Mordecai in the book of Esther, because he revered God and it angered the enemy, so they plotted to destroy him and the Israelites. At that urgent time, Mordecai called all Israelites to fast and pray; to seek God to turn over the situation; and God answered their prayers. God overturned every plan of the enemy. In the end, what they had planned to harm the people of God, they themselves were harmed and God’s Name was glorified! Some great men and women of God fasted and prayed in their sufferings, God not only heard, but healed, rebuilt and renewed each and every one of them. They were Job, Esther, Elijah, Daniel etc.

I encourage all of us that in this Lent Season (40 days), fast a meal a day. Use that time to read half a chapter of the Gospel of John. The Gospel of John has 21 chapters. At the end of 40 days we will finish the whole book of John. Besides reading and spending some time in meditating what God has for us, pray to seek His face. I pray that in these 40 days of spiritual discipline, you will find the favour of God. May God bless us and make us strong. Amen!








Service Time
ENG       7.30pm
CHI        7.30am
ENG     10.00am
BM      12.30pm

Prayer Meeting
Monday @ 7.30pm
ENG/CHI: Church
BM: Agape Room

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